We will continue to develop the application to provide more features and to adapt to the changing requirements.

We share our development plans on the timeline below, without a firm commitment, as things are changing all the time.

We will use your feedback to prioritize development, so feel free to send suggestions!

Previous releases

Over the course of 5 releases, we've added:

  • Time Zone support: Users (and buildings) can be anywhere in the world and make reservations in local time
  • If sensors detect use of unreserved seats, an alert is sent to Facility Management and the desk is added to the cleaning tasks
  • Make 2 reservations per day
  • Find your colleagues: if you opt in to share your reservations, you can also see the reservations of your team members
  • Crowd Control: Create shifts for arrivals, lunch...
  • Reserve a parking space
  • Students can notify when they will come in for a class
  • Contact tracing report
  • ARCHIBUS integration: you can manage the users, teams, rooms, floorplans... all from within ARCHIBUS
  • Changing your reservation on the spot, by simply scanning a QR code
  • We can tie into your Active Directory to simplify user management

Current release: V6

This release contains a lot of small improvements, but also a big new feature: Team Planning!

  • Plan which teams can come in on which days, to spread the occupancy of your building and to minimize risk
  • Better occupancy reporting

V7 and beyond

  • Register visitors, so they can be included in the contact tracing report
  • Book desks for visitors, contractors,... without an account

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