The Health and Safety Team defines safety measures for social distancing that need to be implemented on a constantly evolving, day-by-day basis.

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Select reservable seats

The administrator indicates on the floorplan which workstations are available. 

Workstations can be assigned to teams.

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The implementation of the measures will change over time. 

The administrator can define phases with different restrictions.

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Crowd Control

By setting up shifts for the restaurant, break area or even elevators, we can manage the number of people gathering in one place.


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Overview of the Used Desks

Floorplans and lists clearly indicate which desks were used, so the cleaning team knows exactly where to clean. With a more focussed effort, there's more time to thoroughly clean the used desks.

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Confirm with the QR Code

By scanning the QR code on the desk, the cleaning team confirms that the desk is disinfected and available for the next user.

Reserve & Inform

With the app I reserve a workstation. When the maximum number of staff is reached, I need to select another floor or building.  I can read the up-to-date instructions on how to navigate the building, use the elevators and the break-out spaces.

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Where's my Team?

In the mobile app, I can see when my team members will come to the office and decide to join them. 

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Find a Seat

I first select the date and if I'm booking half a day or the whole day.

I can swipe to find the building, then select the floor and on the floorplan I can click on any available (green) desk.

Select available workstation

Scan the QR Code

When I'm at the desk I reserved, I can scan a QR code to verify that I'm in the right place and to check that the desk was desinfected.


Disinfect: Close the loop

The cleaning teams receive accurate reports on which workstations need to be cleaned and disinfected. With a more focussed effort, there's more time to thoroughly clean the used desks. After their intervention, the workstations is immediately available for the next occupant.


With the optional sensors we continuously monitor the occupancy of the workstations and their status is reported on the floorplans. Charts display the trends and provide the data for further analysis.

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Real Time Reporting

Dynamic floorplans show the actual space use, based on the IoT sensors under the desks.

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Flag Anomalies

Receive a warning when a desk is being used that was not reserved.


Charts give you the data about peak and average occupancy, how long people stay at their desk...

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