Q.     How are the data security and privacy regulations implemented?

    • The amount of personal data required to run the application is very limited. The customer provides a list of email addresses for the users of the application. No other personal data is stored.
    • Access is granted only after email validation.
    • The application is hosted from an ISO certified data center in Belgium.
    • The floorplans are stripped of any non-essential data.
    • The reservation data is anonymized after use, so it can be used for statistical analysis, but can no longer be linked to a person.
    • The sensor data is linked to a desk, but not to a person.
    • A Data Processing Agreement is available to garantee your data is safe with us.
    • You can read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to find out more.

Q.    Can the reservation data be used for contact tracing?

For two weeks after a reservation, the email address of the user remains linked to a reservation, after which the reservation is anonymized. Only the Health and Safety Team can use the data to trace people who were on the same floor at the same time as someone who turned out to be infected.

Q.    What do we need to get started with Safe@Work?

    • Floorplans, preferably in .dwg or .rvt format.  We can convert .pdf floorplans if these are not available.
    • A list of the users' email addresses in .xlsx format

Optional, but highly recommended:

    • IoT sensors under the desks

Q.    What if we don't have IoT sensors?

Desk sensors provide added value: they will check if occupied desks have a valid reservation and will provide a non-disputable list of desks that need to be disinfected.

If you don't have sensors, you can still use the reservations system. We do suggest using QR scanning at the desk to verify that the correct desk is being used. In this case we cannot guarantee the list of desks to clean is correct, since the collection of the data is not automated.

We can provide and install IoT sensors in a 'Sensoring as a Service' model, through our partnership with Iotta. Without any cabling or need for connectivity, they can implement hundreds of sensors in a single day.

Q.    How do we make QR codes?

Once a plan is imported into Safe@Work, you will be able to download a .pdf with the QR codes for each desk. The layout of the pdf corresponds to an Avery label format.

Q.    Do we need to install an app from the App or Play Store?

Safe@Work is a Progressive Web Application. No app installation is needed, but you can still create an icon on your phone. This way we can update the application in the background, without the need for you to update it yourself. On iOS, you should run it on Safari in order to be able to scan QR codes from the app, and you need to allow the browser to access the camera.

Q.    How much does it cost?

Safe@Work is priced based on the number of users, the availability of (polylined) floorplans and the requirement to integrate with other systems. Please contact us for more information.

Q.    Is there a presentation I can use ?

Need to convince your boss? Download your presentation here.

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